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At a Client Round table the following comments were made concerning the Question – “What is SuperSlow to YOU”

Fun…it is not. Fun when it is over!

More fun than walking on machines.

Efficient, time effective way to get a great work out.​

Do-able – time wise, only got to go for about 20 min., light at the end of the tunnel.

Push myself – can do anything [feeling]!

Fits into life! – don’t have to change cloths.

Changed my lifestyle without trying…I never did anything in slow motion before – I always did it fast.

Feels safe – you are supervised by very competent Instructors.

You are not noticed by other people so you don’t feel self-conscious.

No funky smells, pictures or sounds.

Effective – I feel the full feeling of each exercise; I see results.

Confidence: I trust it..I see results....just do it, get it done, enjoy the rest of my life.

Scheduled so I am committed to it…the schedule and my Instructor…plus results are my motivation.

I like the mental challenge of pushing myself to the limit…but safely…I have too many injuries, so safety is critical…but I still go to the limit!

SS Adapts easily to your goals or needs…eg if you want to be stronger so you can bike ride, or hike, or dance…whatever you want to do in your life..SS makes you stronger and safer to do these things.

Life changing: the fact that I I have an Instructor was out of my reach but with SS it became attainable = with my Instructor I am in my comfort zone, even though she pushes me within it!...she is established, welcoming, non-threatening environment, inviting, clean…something you can do…it takes the “I cant” out of it and makes it an “I can!”

.Build and maintain muscle as I get older…this is really important…I can do anything for 20 minutes that is good for me…but I wouldn’t do it on my own, I have to have an appointment and my great Instructor..or I won’t do it.It is all charted so I can see my progress.

SuperSlow, to me, is a non threatening approach to getting exercise, body tone, weight loss and health--without having to be seen by other people at the gym-- but at the same time it is a safe environment as far as working with equipment and weights. I have accountability because I have to show up for the appointment. I can’t just say, “Oh, I don’t feel like going”. I feel obligated to show up because I know that someone else – waiting for me. 

Can't Cheat!

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