- SuperSlow Zone
Info for returning clients - SuperSlow moved down the road on April 7, 2014. 248-880-4576

The SuperSlow Zone of Northville, MI is a distinctive, high-end exercise and health facility. Our focus? It’s on you – assisting you to achieve your results and experience what’s important to you.
The SuperSlow Zone offers SuperSlow strength training, by appointment, to fit your busy schedule. We help you achieve and maintain a strong, healthy, and attractive body.
These results are achieved under the direct supervision of SuperSlow certified instructors, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, built exclusively by MedX Corporation. The program is accomplished in a specialized, climate-controlled exercise environment. SuperSlow Zone is the essential destination for transforming your body in just one or two 20-30 minute sessions per week.
SuperSlow Zone
41620 Six Mile Road
Suite 104                                     
Northville, MI 48168
Phone: 248-880-4576
Mon - Fri: by appointment 7 AM- 7 PM
Sat:  by appointment 7AM - 2PM
Sun: Closed
Benefits of Working Out at SuperSlow Zone
1.   Your Appearance
  •  Firmer appearance
  •  More youthful appearance
  •  Improved body shape
2.   Your Health & Energy
  •  More lean muscle
  •  Increased strength
  •  Increased endurance
  •  Improved heart health
  •  Higher metabolism
  •  Enhanced flexibility
3.   Your Preventative Health Care
  • Increased resistance to injury
  • Increased strength
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced muscle tension
4.  Your Athletic / Recreational Performance
  •  Improved overall strength
  •  Improved overall stamina
  •  Improved cardiovascular efficiency
  •  Increased focus
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